24 Hour Medical Assistance Number: +44 (0) 1243 621130
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If you need to seek medical attention for any reason, you need to take advantage of the 24-hour support available from CEGA Group, the assistance service for your MediCare International policy.

If, after an initial consultation with your Physician, further treatment is required that may result in future inpatient treatment, or the costs of the claim may exceed £2,500/$4,250/€3,250 you should contact CEGA Group on +44 (0) 1243 621130. They will help with:

  • Finding the appropriate specialist or medical facility
  • Arranging hospital admission, if needed
  • Taking care of covered medical costs on your behalf directly with the hospital or specialist.

Please remember that pre-authorisation of inpatient treatment and all claims likely to exceed £2,500/$4,250/€3,250 from the outset is a requirement under the plan and there are financial penalties where this is not obtained.

  • To download our full claims procedure document, please click here