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Outpatient Claims

If you're looking to make an outpatient claim just follow the procedure below.

A. Always take a claim form with you when visiting a doctor/ dentist/hospital. You should always complete Sections A and B. The treating doctor/dentist must complete and sign Section C or D. Please ensure that all questions, in all Sections, are answered fully. Ticks and dashes will not be acceptable and will delay settlement of your claim.

B. A separate claim form must be completed for each medical or dental condition.

C. The claim form and receipts must be submitted within 90 days of start of treatment. If receipts are unavailable within 90 days, the completed claim form must still be submitted and original receipts can be sent at a later date.

D. The claim form and original medical bills/receipts must be sent to:

MediCare International
Minster House
42 Mincing Lane

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